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We must admit, being a full-time worker surely drained our energy. The long lists of work, the never ending meeting and bunch of things to do. Moreover, the non-stop and unbearable Jakarta’s traffic we have to face every seconds and every time.


Combining the dark solid timbers, stone, rustic woods and majestic panoramic views from the extensive windows, Enmaru definitely know how to give us the contentment from the hideous traffic.The tasty and savoury Japanese cuisines Enmaru Restaurant offer with this kind of indulging atmosphere will definitely make you refuse to leave this restaurant.Whether you just want to enjoy a great, freshly prepared food or ending a long day, Enmaru makes sure that the best meal is served at your table.

The Executive Chef of Enmaru, Takashi Tomie does offer the extensive menu from Japanese authentic cuisine, from sushi to yakitori, He always ensure the fresh seafood flown from Tsukiji Market, the best fish market in Japan is prepared with the special ingredients and traditional techniques. His brilliant idea and ingenious hand will blow your tongue away with the beautiful presentation and tasty food He served and make the customer feel like tasting the real Japanese cuisine.

Take a look at Foie Gras Chawanmushi, a signature dish from Chef Takashi. Served in a glass, placed in a wooden box, this appetizer definitely melt in one’s mouth –literally. A delicious duck liver dressed with egg custard, a caramel coloured teriyaki sauce and egg white, this appetizer definitely a food you should order (right before the entrée). To those who doesn’t quite like foiegras, Sashimi Moriawase would be the best choice. You could choose how many kinds of sashimi you would like the chef served, from 3, 5 or 9 kinds sashimi. It’s worth the price for.

Right before you finish your last bite of appetizer, the main course is ready to be served. Either you love grilled salmon, beef and pork steak, seafood served with rice or noodle, Chef Takashi capable of making your rough day become as sweet as sugar. With his skilful hand, he can mixed the sweet sour pineapple with the sweet savoury taste of pork meat. Buta Bara Pineapple certainly has to be on your top of the list when you visit Enmaru. Apart from various types of sashimi (of course! It’s not Japanese restaurant if it doesn’t serve sashimi), the seafood menu such as Kaisen Miso Mayo, Cod Fish TakekawaMushi, and MaguroTougarashi are the foods you shouldn’t miss.

Once people said ‘there’s always a room for dessert’, yes it always do. You can’t leave Enmaru without tasting their dessert.MacchaZenzai Ice Cream would be a nice dessert to have. A hand-rolled mocha cake filled with red bean and strawberry, dressing up with the tasty choice of ice cream, either you choose Japanese green tea, black sesame or red bean, it all taste like heaven. To those who doesn’t like the cold of ice cream, surely Enmaru have another exquisite dessert like HoujichaBrulee or Baked Yuzu Cheese Cake. Perfect to end your day!

Enmaru surely offer an authentic Japanese restaurant atmosphere with high-class design. Not only offers a Japanese restaurants atmosphere, you also can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes. What’s more, enjoying the beauty Jakarta at night from the skyscraper is surely a thing you wouldn’t want to miss.