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Kraft Paper, One of the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

The quality of a fashion item is closely tied to its presentation.  That’s why consumer psychology plays such an influential role in product design. The packaging is the first thing customers see and feel. Among various options for packaging materials, kraft paper stands out as an eco-friendly and more sustainable. You may have seen it used […]

Why Use Eco-Friendly Packaging in a Fashion Brand?: Sustainable Fashion Guideline

Sustainable Fashion Guideline

Sustainable fashion is an ethical approach not only designing, but also sourcing, manufacturing, selling, and delivering clothing in a way that minimizes the industry’s negative impact on people and the planet along the entire value chain, including the packaging materials. The importance of the packaging materials you utilize cannot be overstated. The excessive reliance on […]

Versatility Concept: As a Part of Sustainability in Fashion

Fashion gives a numerous gifts for us. It instills confidence and comfort, enables self-expression, and encourages us to explore creativity through colors, textures, and fabrics. By curating the ideal wardrobe, one can embrace a life enriched by the manifold advantages that fashion brings. Versatile clothing comprises multipurpose garments suitable for both daytime and evening wear, […]

Between Fast & Slow Clothing: Which One is a Sustainable Fashion?

Fast & Slow Sustainable Fashion

There has been a recent shift in the way that people think about clothing. More and more people are interested in sustainable and ethical clothing options. Sustainable fashion is one where the clothes can be recycled and used for longer periods of time. These clothes aren’t based on trends that only stay for a short […]

6 Simple Ways to Practice Sustainability in Fashion

Practice Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainable fashion refers to the concept of creating fashion items in a way that reduces the environmental impact and promotes social responsibility throughout the entire production process. It aims to create fashion items that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable. That’s why cutting CO2 emissions, addressing overproduction, reducing pollution and waste, supporting biodiversity, […]

Sustainable Fashion: Let’s Achieve this Personal Benefit!

Sustainable fashion

We’re know how polluting and exploiting the fashion industry is and how sustainable fashion can help reduce many environmental and social problems. In the same way, we’re convinced that personal benefits are too often glossed over. When the environment is so compromised and workers and animals so exploited, why should personal benefits matter? Well, it’s […]

6 Explanations of How Sustainable Fashion Healthier for Our Planet

Explanations of How Sustainable Fashion

Dear our planet… With so many problems going on these days, climate change, deforestation, plastic pollution, loss of coral reefs & biodiversity, water scarcity, just to name a few, the fashion industry is not necessarily top of mind for most people as either a problem or solution. Unfortunately, we have got some bad news, that […]

Sustainability in Fashion We Need to Know About.


Sustainable fashion is a term that’s increasingly used these days, as we all become ever more aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes. We first have to understand what exactly sustainability means in the fashion industry. Sustainability refers to creating and consuming clothes in a “sustained” way that protects the environment and those […]