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Sustainable Fashion: Let’s Achieve this Personal Benefit!

Sustainable fashion

We’re know how polluting and exploiting the fashion industry is and how sustainable fashion can help reduce many environmental and social problems. In the same way, we’re convinced that personal benefits are too often glossed over.

When the environment is so compromised and workers and animals so exploited, why should personal benefits matter? Well, it’s known that only when we understand what our real “gain” is we pay more attention to something, don’t we? This article will encourage more conscious behaviors by showing you that sustainable fashion is good not only for the environment, workers, and animals but especially for us, as a human being.


A sustainable wardrobe is all about timeless pieces you can wear forever. As such, the first benefit you get from a sustainable wardrobe is that it lasts for ages! Yes, indeed, consciously made clothes are made from high-quality fibers that don’t wear out easily. Plus, they often have a minimalist and very versatile design that never goes out of style. So, basically, there’s no need to change your clothes following the trends and seasonal releases. However, it is true that sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion. This “extra cost” includes at least higher quality materials and a fair wage for workers. As such, creating a sustainable wardrobe may indeed be a little more expensive for you at first, but your higher initial investments will save you a lot in the next few years.


Higher quality clothing means you get more use out of them, which means you’ll save money in the long run, especially for the essential foundation pieces you’ll wear repeatedly. A cheap t-shirt will last you a few months to a year, but a high-quality t-shirt may last a decade if cared for properly.


We should look at sustainable fashion as a new mindset: buying ethically means buying consciously, which then means buying only what you need and when you need it. As a result, simply changing your shopping habits and transforming shopping for clothing from a regular event to a needful one will save you a lot. When you shop mindfully and consciously, you only buy what gives you emotions and so you’ll end up loving your new clothes… which is the prerequisite to keep wearing them and avoid throwing them unused.


Mixing and matching different pieces, customising them, or making them from scratch can encourage creativity and personal expression. Another benefit of small batch production is that companies can focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail in their designs. When producing smaller batches of items, companies can spend more time ensuring each product meets its highest standards by paying close attention during every step in the manufacturing process. This doesn’t mean that mass produced items lack quality, it just means that with small batch production there’s an even greater emphasis on making sure each item meets its highest potential for craftsmanship and design.


We don’t usually think about our health and skin when we talk about fashion, do we? Well, we should start worrying about it instead. The skin is the largest organ of the body and clothes sit right on it 24/7! research on University of Maringá, Brazil, shows that textile dyes are highly toxic and even potentially carcinogenic. Also Avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals, allergens, or synthetic fibres can prevent skin irritation, allergies, or respiratory problems. This is one of the many benefits of slow and sustainable fashion that make it an attractive choice.



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