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There’s only so much place to get a taste of New York, but why not go to the finest of them all?


For years, the Eleven Madison Park has been famous for its New York inspired multi-course tasting menu. The 3 Michelin stars restaurant located in Flatiron district welcome anyone who wishes to experience the city on a fine china plate. The Eleven Madison Park culinary experience take approximately 3.5 hours, where the number of cuisines are wide while the numbers of guests are exclusively limited. The tasting menu takes you, avid culinary enthusiast, to a journey of 15 skillfully prepared dish to amaze your pallet.

The famous tasting menu is prepared by Chef Daniel Humm. The menu changes along with season, giving guests a refreshing change. But the restaurant has taken an initiative to elevate the experience; each dish in the menu is a product of creatively thought cuisine such as the restaurant’s famous square shaped foie grass pudding with asparagus geleé and the glazed Muscovy duck with lavender. Not only do these dishes look like a visual treat but their taste is undoubtedly a winner too, which makes it reasonable why the restaurant is almost always full by RSVPs from the days before.

The restaurant itself is styled in an Art Deco themed room, with bold lines and big windows, and bigger centerpieces. The room feels grand and warm at the same time, with the presence of their dedicated team of service the restaurant holds a special impression to its costumers. Guests of Eleven Madison Park vary from background but it’s clear that the restaurant is only for those who truly values fine dining. You can get a taste of New York anyway you wish, but I’d say the city is best enjoy through a 15 courses signature dish with a pairing wine.