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To hold someone’s attention and to make-them deeply engage in your eyes is not an impossible mission. The Big Wink guides you to have bold and beautiful lashes that are deeply captivating ..


The Big Wink look is ideal for Reviews those who wish to look bold using without having to use too much makeup. To make the most out of the Big Wink look, you’d want the look to be not only big but actually lasts. The secret key of a long-lasting eyelashes makeup is to apply lip balm to your eyelashes. The lip balm will serve as a based coat that can the make the eyelashes stay curled naturally. Lip balm with extra minerals will Also Stimulates your eyelashes to grow longer and Thicker and the make sure to choose a natural and non-fragrant lip balm to avoid eye irritation. Once you have applied your-based coat, it’s time to curl it.

The first curl should be done before the lip balm dries out so that the lashes will stay curled. After a minute or two, apply your first coat of mascara. Your first layer of mascara should be brushed lightly and after another minute you may do the second curl. The second curl is important and during this phase you should concentrate the curl on the tip of the lashes, this way your lashes will have neat, pointed ends and sophisticated looking. After the second curl comes the final coating, you may apply mascara for one or two times until you reach the volume you wish to have – in this case the bigger the better. The big finale of the look is to create a statement with your wink with a hint of metallic brush on the tip of the lashes or simply with to top the look with a well fitted false lashes. Wink Big Pair your look with a nude matte lipstick to emphasize the boldness of your doe-looking eyes.