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If i am asked to describe France in three words, my answer will be Eiffel, romance, and wine. Why wine? It is simply because France is well known as one of the best wine producers in the world. You can drink a glass of wine while enjoying the beauty of


Among famous French wine brands. Some of them have worldwide reputation, such as Château Lagrange, which is the best and most expensive French wine brand in the world. You need to pay around 2 million per bottle to taste it. Château Lagrange is the name of winery in Saint-Julien, Bordeaux which is also used as the name for the red wine produced there. It is currently owned by Japanese liquor giant Suntory but before that the winery actually has a long history. In the middle age, Lagrange was a vineyard name Gangria.

The winery became famous when Baron de Brane, a Bordeaux parliament member, and owner of Mouton, acquired the property in 18th century. Jean-Valere Cabarrus, the influential trader at the time also involved in it. Prince Charles Tenneguy Duchatel who owned the vineyard from 1842 until 1874 built innovative drainage system that makes the vineyard more advance. Lagrange was acquired by Suntory Group President Keizo Saji in 1983. Marcel Ducasse and Kenji Suzuta were recruited to carry out major renovation to the winery. In 2008, Lagrange had new management comprising of Bordes Matthieu and Keiichi Shiina.

Château Lagrange has 118 hectares of land. 102 hectares are used for the vineyard which is divided into 102 different classifications. The vineyard comprising of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot, and 6% Petit Verdot. The average age of the vines is more than 35 years old. They use optical technology to sort the best grapes for the wine. To produce the best wine, Château Lagrange maintains the temperature during the fermentation process in a various size of stainless steel vats. The smallest size is 66 hectoliters while the largest size is 220 hectoliters. The fermentation process uses co-inoculation. It is then stored in oak barrels for up to 21 months put in the bottle and distributed overseas.