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Pride in a country extends beyond the compulsion to place our hand over our hearts and pledge allegiance. It is more than just singing the national anthem. People are brought up to be proud of their country of origin and the achievement of their


Indonesians are no exception. I have had the pleasure of meeting many Indonesians living abroad, and the one thing these individuals share is their pride and joy in being an Indonesian, despite being miles away.

If you take a bird’s eye view of many Indonesian cities, you might see uncommon urban chaos with no exact pattern. While the city of Paris has its boulevards created in radial charm and New York City offers sprawling right-angled intersections within a neatly placed urban grid, many cities in Indonesia seem to have been formed in an afterthought, with towering buildings found alongside decrepit slums. But Indonesia has more layers to its beauty that go beyond the cities, where you can find untouched beaches, scenic mountains, and vast valleys, and if you venture deeper into the daily lives of many Indonesians, you can see the warmth and positivity that abounds among the local Indonesians.

In spite of its economic advancement, a big proportion of Indonesia’s population still live in poverty. Many who have lived in rural cities come to Jakarta in search of better opportunities, but more often than not, they still fall short from reaching their dreams. However, the one thing I have realized about Indonesians is that we are filled with optimism, and this positive attitude has led many to channel their talents in the arts. During the past decade, we have witnessed the surge of many local fashion designers, accessories makers, etc., and the government has been very supportive of the vision to make Indonesia the next arts destination, just as London, New York, and Paris have been, by 2020.

(X)S.M.L , a pioneer in the Indonesian local fashion scene, is excited to be part of the development of the local fashion landscape. For almost two decades, we have unceasingly created and will continue to innovate in order to maintain our title as one of the most coveted local brands. Ever since Indonesia’s most celebrated designer, Biyan, and local fashion conglomerate, Ms. Benarty, came together in 1999 to create (X)S.M.L , the brand has established a reputation for its edginess and affordability, and it is this pattern that has kept the brand alive today. The (X)S.M.L brand has proven that Indonesians are not only capable of producing the traditional beautiful batik, but it can also be cosmopolitan, as reflected in our runway-ready designs. (X)S.M.L boasts a state-of-the-art factory with more than 200 workers, and its designs have been sold internationally, particularly in Singapore and Tokyo.

For its 17th anniversary at Senayan City Mall, (X)S.M.L is proud to collaborate with Ku Ka, an online market platform for Indonesian products. Ku Ka is a marketplace created for products that are Indonesian made, and the management behind Ku Ka has done a remarkable job of supporting each and every seller to produce the highest quality product without neglecting affordability. Currently, Ku Ka has over 1000 sellers, and it sells not only locally made products but also locally made food with excellent packaging. At Ku Ka online marketplace, we believe in truely feeling at home means connecting with your community. Ku Ka is here to provide a platform and support locally owned, independent businesses in Indonesia, to build a community and movement for local brands. Because we care.

We are proudly made in Indonesia, and we hope to showcase our products to many nations.

Please join us for our fashion show at Senayan City Mall on the 16th April 2016 at 6 PM where we showcase our locally made masterpieces.